Discovering the World as Travelers, not Tourists

During our educational programmes, our travelers are actively engaged with their new environment, discovering the rich cultures and circumstances that make up the place.

At ISE we give students the extraordinary opportunity to enjoy another culture from an insider’s perspective through extensive contact with the local community.


Students from Canberra Secondary School got their hands dirty as they learnt about rice farming & river studies in North Vietnam with the local villagers and university.


We took students from Fuhua Secondary School to Hin Bus Depot, Penang's premier art gallery and exhibition space, where they got to experiment with various art media and interact with local artists.



Inspiring a Global Social Consciousness

We inspire our travelers to give to the global community by engaging in volunteer projects. From building homes to imparting valuable skills to less privileged communities, we hope to instil a socially-conscious mindset amongst youths.


Students from Catholic Junior College travelled with us on their service learning trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia where they were involved in a variety of activities: 

  • Conducting a community mapping exercise to understand the needs of the village for future projects to ensure continuity of impact teaching at a local primary school and refurbishing their school library.
  • During their downtime, students got the opportunity to visit the Angkor Wat temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and learn about the local Khmer cottage industries.


We brought students from Singapore Chinese Girls' School to Sabah for their service learning trip.

Over an intensive three days at a local primary school, students got to work in redesigning a drainage system and beautifying the classrooms and the school.



Dare to Dream Big

Be it to study abroad in an Ivy League school, exploring a career in technology in Silicon Valley or as an astronaut in NASA, we know that highly-motivated youths have huge aspirations.

From organising special excursions to the world’s top companies to visiting global institutions, at ISE we encourage every student’s educational and professional aspirations, whatever they may be.


We brought students from Raffles Institution to the East Coast of the United States on an economics study trip. Students got the opportunity to visit our GIC Investment and the UN headquarters in New York, as well as the Smithsonian Institution, IMF, World Bank and famous Memorials. We also visited some of the world's best colleges, including MIT, Harvard, Wharton, Yale University and George Washington University.



Challenge Yourself

We organise outdoor adventure travel programmes aligned with Singapore’s National Youth Achievement Award requirements, with the intention to encourage self-reliance and perseverance amongst our travelers.

The various locations we work with offer a host of exciting experiences, from outdoor camping to mountain trekking to white water rafting as well as cycling, martial arts, kayaking and camping.


We brought Year Three students from ACS International to Bali for their Adventure Camp as part of their National Youth Achievement Award programme. Over five days in Bali, they got to:

  • Go on daily adventures, from trekking through the bamboo forest and rice fields, rafting down Agung river, to cycling through Balinese villages
  • Immerse in local Balinese culture and traditions during a homestay program